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Martin Street P.S. Boundary Review Feedback Form

posted by Lisa Canjar   [ updated by Michelle Brown ]

As part of the Halton District School Board’s Boundary Review process, the HDSB welcomes your input for the Martin Street Boundary Review process. Please review the attached  link to the Feedback Form and submit by Monday, January 23, 2017 by noon.  If you need more information please log into the Board's website at 

Junior & New Senior Kindergarten Registration Now Open

posted by Lisa Canjar   [ updated by Michelle Brown ]

We are accepting registrations for Junior and New Senior Kindergarten children for September 2017.  Please drop by the office between 10am - 3pm.  If these hours are not suitable please call the office at 905-878-2379. Parents are asked to register their children by February 3, 2017

You will need to bring:
- Proof of child's age (Birth Certificate
- Proof of address (Two of the following - household mail, purchase agreement, lease/rental agreement)
- Child's immunization record

A Message From The Principal

posted Aug 26, 2016, 8:06 AM by Lisa Canjar

Welcome to J.M. Denyes Public School! In this website is all of the information you will need to get to know J.M. Denyes and all that makes this a special place to learn. If I were to sum it up:

J.M. Denyes is a community. There is no one person or group who can take credit for the success of our school. The staff at J.M. Denyes are energetic, hard-working, creative, and dedicated to providing a comprehensive, standards based curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment; where each students' individuality is valued and where all students, families, and staff are treated with respect. They work together as a team and are constantly sharing and learning.

Parents are actively involved through our School Council and as volunteers, and can be seen on the yard, in the classrooms, in the library, and in the office. They stand behind all that we do and their support is invaluable. Everyone works together in the best interest of the children and this spirit can be felt throughout the school. Please take a moment and visit their link to find out more about the wonderful work they are doing at J.M. Denyes, and how you can support our community.

J.M. Denyes is a great  place to learn. Our staff spend a great deal of time getting to know each child to better meet their social and academic needs. Evidence of student work can be seen throughout the hallways and classrooms. With Ontario Provincial Standards as our guide, we provide an education based on high expectations for all children.

J.M. Denyes makes you smile. J.M. Denyes Public School is a place that puts a smile on my face when I come to work every day. The children are enthusiastic and love to learn. They are full of stories about exciting things that they’ve done and their hopes for the future.

My hope is that you will feel the school spirit at J.M. Denyes every time that you join us at the school.

If you have questions, please contact us at the school office at (905) 878-2379. We are here to help!

Sincerest regards,

Brian Van Wyngaarden


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