JM Denyes is a TRIBES school.  
We believe in fostering children's development academically as well as socially!


Attentive Listening: To pay close attention to one another’s expressions of ideas, opinions and feelings; to check for understanding; and to let others know that they are being heard with your eyes, ears, and hearts

Appreciation/ No Put-Downs: To treat others kindly; to state appreciation for unique qualities, gifts, skills and contributions; to avoid negative remarks, name-calling, hurtful gestures and behaviours

Right to Pass: To have the right to choose when and to what extent one will participate in a group activity; to observe quietly if not participating actively; and to choose whether to offer observations later to a group when asked to do so

Mutual Respect: To affirm the value and uniqueness of each person; to recognize and appreciate individual and cultural differences and offer feedback that encourages growth; to respect yourself, others, and property


1. The Tribes process has consistently demonstrated people's ability to transform an existing school climate into a positive learning environment for both children and adults.

2. The consistent use of the same agreements and attention to community building among all groups in the school makes it possible for them to care about each other in a new way and enjoy working toward shared goals.

3. The most powerful results are shown when the new pattern of interaction is practiced daily by adults as well as children at home and at school.

4. Reduction of behavioural problems, improved academic results and more time to focus on the most important things are among the major benefits reported by schools themselves.

5. Students who become familiar with using the Tribes process year after year often advocate for its use when they go to a new school setting or move into secondary school. Their willingness to play a more active and responsible role in maintaining a safe and friendly learning environment is inspiring to see.

6. When students, staff, and families work together we can create a learning environment for healthy human development for all of our children.