New School Procedures

Morning Drop off and Dismissal

Parents are asked to stand, physically distanced, on the field to drop off and pick up their students. Parents will not be allowed on the blacktop to reduce the contact our students will have with adults. In the past this was a time to connect with your child’s teacher. Please email them if you would like to discuss a concern or update the teacher. Teachers will also be reaching out via phone and email to update you. At this time we are trying to limit playground discussions after school. Thank you for your understanding.

Drop Off of Items for Students

Drop off of items is discouraged. Please try to send your child to school in the morning with everything they will need for the day.

If you must drop off essential items like forgotten lunches or winter clothing please ensure the items are clearly labeled with your students name. Upon arrival at school place the item on the table outside the front door and ring the doorbell and inform the office that an item has been dropped off. Someone will come out and retrieve the item from the table and get it to the student.

Please do not send any sport equipment such as personal soccer balls, or basketballs from home.

Appointments/Early Pickup/Late Arrival

If you must pick up your student early please arrive at the school early. We can not call students out of class until the parent arrives and it may take some students a few minutes to pack their belongings and exit through the front entrance. When you arrive ring the doorbell and inform the office that you are here to pick up your student early. The office will contact the classroom and call the student out of class. It is a good idea to also email your students teacher with the time you will be picking them up so that they can do their best to be in the classroom at that time and not outside on the field. If you are picking up during known outside time please give yourself enough time for the office to find the student outside and dismiss them through the front door.

If your student is arriving late please come to the front door and ring the doorbell, a staff member will answer on the intercom. Indicate you are dropping a student off late. If there is more than one family dropping off at the front door please line up, physically distanced from each other, at the front door and wait to be admitted one family at a time. A staff member will welcome the student into the building, sign them in at the office and direct them to class.